Other Available Options

Individual Antipasto
In place of fruit cup or soup $1.50 per person
In addition to fruit cup or soup $2.25 per person
Shrimp cocktail as first course $5.00 per person
Ziti served individually $1.00 per person
Meatballs served with ziti family style $1.00 per person
Sausage links served with ziti family style $1.00 per person
Manicotti (our own recipe) in place of ziti $2.95 per person
Tortellini with sauce in place of ziti $2.00 per person
Intermezzo – Lemon sherbet with a splash of champagne $1.95 per person
Champagne Toast $1.95 per person
Optional table cloth colors or lace overlays $5.00 each
VIP Room $100.00
Special Effects Lighting $100.00
Cash bar $100.00
Guest Shuttle $100.00
Bottled Water served at tables $2.00 per person

After Dinner

Venetian Table

Desert will be served buffet style on our beautifully decorated table garnished with floral bouquets, jello filled melons, and pineapple boats along with assorted layer cakes, mousse pies, cheesecake, ice cream with assorted toppings, Italian patries, Italian cookies, fresh cut fruit, fresh chocolate covered strawberries, assorted mousse in glass and more. The Venetian table purchase also includes a hand carved ice carving, our cafe International (serving cappuccino, espresso, biscotti, and Italian pastry) and our chocolate Fondue Fountain (featuring flowing melted chocolate for dipping tiny ice cream cones, fresh cut fruit, marshmallows and more)

$14.95 per person

Cordial Cart

Seven different Cordials on a skirted cart,
served table to table in Chocolate Cordial cups.

Galliano, Crème De Menthe,
Crème De Cacao, Peachtree Schnapps,
Amaretto, Sambuca, Anisette
$1.95 per person

Chocolate Fountain

Your guests dip fresh cut fruit, marshmallows, and tiny ice cream cones into delicious circulating melted chocolate.
$3.95 per person

Coffee and Pastry

Served from Polished stainless steel urns
in a ceramic mug. Available for those who
would like a sobering finish to the night.

Coffee, tea
Decaffeinated and regular
Danish and Italian pastry
$2.95 per person

Full dinner, buffet or station purchase is required to obtain above items as priced.

Prices do not include Connecticut State Sales Tax. Full dinner, buffet, or station purchase is required 
for any contracted date unless specifically stated in the contract. All other items are priced as add-ons.
Some items may be substituted with similar items of similar value.
The management prohibits the use of smoke, fog, bubble machines, confetti and glitter.

Please read deposit, payment terms, and banquet room hours on back cover.

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